CHECK IN: 3 PM. You may arrive early and use our parking area to access the trails.  If the parking lot is full with existing renters during morning checkout, you can park your rig at the IvyDell parking lot 1 mile to the south under the train tressel

CHECK OUT: 11:00 AM. Our cleaning crews will arrive at 11:00 AM. We ask that you vacate by 11:00 AM.

EARLY DEPARTURE: There will be no refunds or rainchecks for early departure.

PETS: We are not allowing pets in cabins to minimize the impact to future guests arriving after you.

SMOKING: Cabins are 100% smoke free. If our policy is violated or if a smoke detector/alarm has been disabled or removed, you will be charged a $200 environmental cleaning fee.

NOISE: Please be respectful of other campers and nearby neighbors. QUIET HOURS from 11 PM to 8 AM.

TRASH: All trash must be disposed into the available dumpster located on the back of the parking lot area. Do not leave trash inside the cabins. Do not throw trash/beer cans into the fire rings or the yard. You will be charged $30 for trash removal.

MUD/DIRT: We understand the nature of this activity but please try to keep mud/dirt outside.  Please remove muddy boots, shoes, and any other gear outside and leave on porch or use available boot trays located inside cabins.

FIREWOOD: Can be purchased in downtown Lafollette at local gas stations. Fires are permitted but it is your responsibility to control. Unused firewood must be removed at check out.

Alcohol: Responsible consumption of alcohol is permitted at the cabins. Alcohol is allowed on the trails in your cooler. No open Carry

FUEL: Downtown Lafollette has gas stations

MAXIMUM NUMBER OF GUESTS: (4 people max).  We ask that you respect these guidelines.

PICNIC TABLES: Each cabin has a picnic table. If you move tables together for groups, be sure and return the table before check out.

CELL PHONES: Most cell phones work at the cabins and WMA.

EMERGENCIES: Call 911. Our address is 1339 HWY25W S, Lafollette, TN 37766

TRAILS: There are over 600 miles of trails connecting to the Royal Blue/Sundquist/New River area. Free trail maps are available on-line

YOU MUST HAVE A TN RIDING PERMIT if you are over 12 years of age and operate an OHV. Permits can be purchased online. Violators can expect to pay fines of over $300. Remember to stay on the trails and gravel roads. The speed limits on the trails is 25 mph.

RIDING ON PAVED ROADS: It is now legal to operate ATV, UTV, Dirt Bikes, and similar type vehicles determined to be suitable and appropriate for safe operations on the highway/roads within jurisdiction of Campbell County, TN. whereas, the operation of any such vehicle shall be subject to the following conditions and restrictions. Operators shall be 16 or older and hold a valid Driver’s License. Riding times are during daylight hours, which include 30 minutes before dawn and 30 minutes after dusk. Riders must stay on designated and posted roads. Riders must carry liability insurance and be able to provide proof upon request. All riders must wear a protective DOT helmet, goggles and use a seatbelt if in a Side by Side.


Coke Oven Cabins works to maintain a family friendly environment. We reserve the right to refuse or remove, without refund, any guest(s) whose actions, in our opinion, are detrimental to a PEACEFUL environment, hazardous to property, unlawful use of FIREWORKS, lewd or unruly behavior, unsafe speeds, reckless behavior, trespassing, or criminal acts.

Waiver and Release of Liability Section

Renter(s) agree to release for forever discharge LAFOLLETTE OHV CABINS, LLC (Coke Oven Cabins), located at 1339 HWY25W, Lafollette, TN 37766, their affiliates, managers, members, agents, attorneys, staff, volunteers, heirs, successors and assigns (collectively "Releasees") from any physical or psychological injury, death, that Renter(s) may suffer as a direct result of participating in rental of cabin and operation of an off-road vehicle while on the property.

Renter(s) agree to voluntarily participate in cabin rental at their own risk and that renter(s) are aware of the risks associated with cabin rental and operation of an off-road vehicle while on the property. Further, renter(s) assume full responsibility of any minors under their supervision while renting cabin or operating an off-road vehicle.

Renter(s) further agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the "Releasees" against any and all claims, suits, or actions of any kind whatsoever for liability, damages, compensation or otherwise brought by renter(s) or anyone on renter(s) behalf, including attorney's fees and related costs.

Renter(s) who book, reserve, and pay on behalf of others staying at Coke Oven Cabins are responsible for providing this policy to those renter(s) to ensure awareness to risks of operating an off-road vehicle.