OHV Area Information & Requirements

The Royal Blue, Sundquist, New River, and Tackett Creek OHV areas consist of over 200,000 acres and are accessible directly from Coke Oven Cabins.

Safety Orange apparel is required on the head and chest of each rider during hunting season, which runs from the last week of October to the second week of January.

TWRA requires that helmets be worn by children under the age of 18 while riding.

TWRA Sundquist Unit

There has always been confusion about the actual naming of this area, some call it Royal Blue, some call it Ride Royal Blue but, it is actually the Sundquist unit of the TWRA North Cumberland WMA.  There are about 130 miles of trails. The maps identify them as easy to most difficult(1). Trail maintenance is done by TWRA and is ongoing.

TWRA West (Royal Blue Unit, New River Unit)

The Royal Blue and New River Units of the North Cumberland WMA are on the West side of I75 and stretch roughly from Hwy 63 South to the Windrock boundary.  There are approximately 150 miles of trails here and they range from gravel road to extreme. They are maintained by TWRA and maintenance is ongoing. During the wet season, they can get very rough. As a general rule the trails are smoother than the other areas. There are several great waterfalls as well as the eternal flame, Dragons back, Widow Maker, Sand Mines and several great high views

Tackett Creek Trail Info (Tackett Creek is 9 miles from Coke Oven Cabins)

-Turn left out of Coke Oven Cabins and go for 2 miles > Follow sign and road to Duff, TN > Continue for 7 miles to Tackett Creek Area

Local Roadway Riding Regulations

Effective July 1, 2017, it is now legal to operate your ATV or SxS on designated County and City roads of LaFollette roadways. You can now ride from the trail system into LaFollette for a shopping break and to enjoy lunch, ice cream, or fuel.

  • Operators must be 16 and hold a valid Driver's License.
  • They must operate only during daylight hours.
  • Must stay on designated and posted roads.
  • Must carry proof of Insurance.
  • All Riders must wear a Dot helmet, goggles, and use a seat belt if in a SxS.
  • Must lawfully obey all rules of the road applicable to other motor vehicles.
  • Any vehicle operated in the City of Lafollette shall be operated in a safe manner.
  • Regular safety checkpoints will be conducted to ensure that riders are following procedures.
  • Subject to any and all laws that are required and established by the State of Tennessee.
  • No open alcohol containers are allowed in moving vehicles.


For renters who are new to the area and would like a trail guide, can contact Joseph Ayers or Tackett Creek Guide Service on Facebook or at https://www.tackettcreekguides...